The Best Super Bowl Ad CBS May or May Not Air

As you may have guessed, the above ad is not selling potato chips.

But given the food-centric nature of Super Bowl advertising, and that fact that this particular ad has CBS execs waffling back and worth, we’ve deemed it worthy of coverage on ES. The ad, for gay dating site ManCrunch, has been submitted for one of the Super Bowl’s $2.8 million, 30-second time slots, but CBS has not yet officially approved or rejected it. According to So Good, ManCrunch believes CBS is purposely putting off a decision until the last minute, unsure whether they’d rather piss off gay rights groups or my-family-is-more-valuable-than-yours types.

Stirring the controversy further, Fox News reports that CBS is trying to dodge the issue altogether by telling ManCrunch that all Super Bowl ads are already sold out. But wait — at the same time, CBS has reportedly told Pop Tarts (the breakfast pastry, not another gay dating site) that Super Bowl slots are still available! And all this after CBS has already approved an anti-abortion ad, preemptively negating their own “we just don’t want to get too political” defense. It’s all a little surprising given the Super Bowl’s long, successful history of selling food and beer products via (fake) lesbian action.

Care to place any bets? Will CBS air it?