The w00tstout: Made by Geeks, FOR Geeks


In the spirit of YouTube’s self-proclaimed “geek week,” I bring to you the tale of three geeks and the journey to great taste and libations. Stone CEO Greg Koch has apparently corresponded with actor Wil Wheaton on a number of occasions and since Wheaton is a homebrewer (with an impressive set up at the “Wheaton Castle”), Koch decided to ask him to collaborate on the next Stone collabo-brew. There was only one problem—who would the third collaborator be? Wil Wheaton had the answer: founder Drew Curtis. Three proud geeks (of beer, and much more) came together to create: The Stone Farking w00tstout.

When I asked Wil Wheaton what the most enjoyable aspect of the brew was, his answer was simple: “All of it.” Wheaton is a homebrewer of two years and already has a regular brew schedule for every other weekend. As a fan of craft brews and a beer geek himself, Wheaton couldn’t help but boast about the opportunity to brew with Stone, using some of the best brewing equipment around. For him, the hardest part was staying focused and not getting too excited about the one-of-a-kind opportunity at hand. Wheaton’s advice for any brewing beginners? “Just give it a try. You will always learn something from it, and you will always have beer.”

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