Endless Poptails: Limoncello and Raspberry Whiskey Sour

Sometimes I’m so over myself, not in the teenage angst or a depressive sort of way. Just over the madness and procrastination I create from going from frenetically over-committing to complete laziness. This poptail was slated for Wednesday, then Thursday, now it’s Friday — apologies BS. But here’s the thing: when it comes time to deliver I give it my best. I never half-ass shit. This doesn’t always work out so well, since if it flops — well, I’m dead against the wall. But sometimes, like this time, it works out well in the most awesome way.

I know bragging is not en vogue, but I’m not bragging. I threw together some flavors and booze and the ingredients did the rest by blending and playing well with one another. The whiskey evens out the bite of the limoncello, especially if you buy storebought limoncello that can sometimes taste like cough syrup.  The raspberries provide a tart balance to the sour lemons and it makes for one cool floating layer. That’s right, you can make this with the raspberry layer floating since its lighter in volume than the limoncello layer.

Oh, and no sticks required, for this poptail. It’s Have Your Way Friday – yeah, for real. No bullshit, okay, kinda  – excuse the snypatic misfire of my brain. I lamed out and forgot them. Sticks or not – these are still totally edible! Cheers!

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Summer On A Spoon: Meyer Lemon Sorbet

Freshens breath, too.

As the touchy-feely, Zig Ziglar-esque, power-of-positive-thinking cliché goes: “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade; then sell it on a street corner at an insultingly inflated price to cover your operating costs.”

But what do you do when life gives you Meyer lemons? You make lemon sorbet.

In the taxonomy of frozen desserts, sorbet falls at the end of one extreme, with ice cream appearing at the other, and sherbet somewhere in between. Where ice cream is a frozen combination of dairy, sugar, and sometimes eggs, sorbet is almost always a frozen mixture of a sugar solution and fruit, although other flavors like coffee are not unheard of. Sherbet is the Borg of the lot, incorporating both fruit and dairy. Recipe after the jump…

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