Should You Let Slimy Greens Slither Away


I wasn’t kidding when I said I was stalling on my way back to the kitchen. I’ve been home more than a week and have been in the kitchen maybe three times. I’m starting slowly.

I was away at Maids’ wedding the first weekend we were back and I refused to go real food shopping until I could make it to the farmers market on the next Saturday. I was freaking craving eggs, but I wanted to wait to buy them there. So I had to figure out how to create something to eat with almost nothing.

Gazpacho a la Leftovers

Luckily, my work catered (actually Couscous Cafe catered) a lunch meeting and there were leftovers. A co-worker let me steal a bag with a dressed-salad mix (romaine, feta, olives, carrot shreds, onion, tomato), another bag with a veggie salad (chunks of tomato, cucumbers, onion and parsley dressed in vinegar and oil) and another bag of pita triangles.

80 and I tore through part of the salad as a side for leftover pizza, but I just wasn’t sure how to make the rest into a meal the next day. Ah! I’ll buzz it!

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