Endless Whiskey: HOP-Flavored Whiskey


I’m talking to you, hopheads. Sons of Liberty previously brought us two of their staple whiskeys and they did not disappoint. If you remember, a hop=flavored whiskey was teased when I mentioned their selection. The hopped-up one arrived in the mail shortly afterwards, and I finally had a chance to tip one back.

Sons of Liberty owner Mike Reppucci explains that the craft distillery makes their whiskeys based on the recipes of their favorite beers. So, it should not surprise us that they offer a whiskey infused with hop flavor. After they age the spirit in oak barrels, they dry hop this son of a bitch. YES—dry-hopped whiskey. For those of you unhipsters, that means that they pour a bunch of hops right into the whiskey. The happy hops then marinate in the spirit to share their flavor with the rest of the world.

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