Dessert for Breakfast: Coconut Raspberry Chocolate Muffins

Coconut and Raspberry Chocolate Muffin

When I’m testing a recipe I pretty much enlist anyone with teeth. That includes my spinach-loving toddler, who somehow doesn’t really like baked sweets. But when these came out of the test oven I got a big pass from him. And for those of us who are tall enough to ride a roller coaster, I can confirm this is a chocolate breakfast affair that you don’t want to pass up.

My judgement is that anything healthier than a donut is OK to eat for breakfast. And to make these even….um…healthier, the muffins are packed with coconut and whole raspberries, so if you eat enough of them you can almost meet your USDA fruit recommendation for the day. How’s that for morning glory!

Coconut Raspberry Chocolate Muffins:

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