So This Exists: The Stuffing Bagel




This may look like an ordinary everything bagel but it is far from it. Bowery Bagels in Portland, Oregon now serves a STUFFING BAGEL, seasoned with traditional herbs and flavors to mimic the classic Thanksgiving dish. Be still my heart! My two favorite ways to consume carbs combined into one glorious Thankgivingkuh monster!

Bowery also, by the way, serves a BEER BAGEL made using Fat Tire Amber Ale, and a savory pumpkin bagel made with real roasted pumpkin. West Coast ES-ers. Please check this out immediately and report back.

Hot Dogs Go Haute

Where else? Porklandia. The city that brought the world the maple-bacon donut returns with its latest feat: a seriously gourmet hot dog trend. Here are five ways Portlandians are eating their wienies right now.

1. The Pretty Dog

Olympic Provisions_Hot Dog

First up, Olympic Provisions takes your basic hot dog structure and makes it, well, beautiful. Their hand-linked Applewood and hickory smoked footlong pork frankfurter comes with artful drizzles of ketchup, dijon, onions, and house-made relish.

2. The Everything Dog

Xico_Sonoran Hot Dog

Fine dining Mexican restaurant Xico offers their own take on an Arizona favorite: the Sonoran hot dog: Grilled Nathan’s All Beef Frank, bacon, salsa verde, eye-of-the-goat beans, cotija, crema, and pico de gallo.

3. The Chili Cheese Dog

Portland Penny Diner _ Stanimal Hot Dog

Portland Penny Diner, the new restaurant from James Beard Award winning chef Vitaly Paley offers up the Stanimal, which saves the exciting stuff for inside the wiener.  A footlong hot dog is packed with oozing cheese and green chile, topped with sauerkraut and grilled onions.

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Artsy Photo of the Day: Kimchi, Meet Egg

Spotted at Tasty n Sons in Portland, Oregon: house-made kimchi, sauteed vegetables, brown rice and a sunny side up egg.

Endless Road Trip: Have a Little Heart

So I’ve talked a lot about how good Portland is at street food and sandwiches, but here’s another thing that makes this city amazing. On a recent Wednesday evening, I walked into Portland’s best-reviewed, most-hyped restaurant—Le Pigeon—sans reservations, looking like my normal grubby, travelling-for-weeks, t-shirt and jeans self…and asked if I could get a meal. Not only did they seat me immediately at the small bar space overlooking the open kitchen, but they didn’t seem to be the slightest bit put out by it. This may be the New Yorker in me—just assuming that I’m going to be treated snobbishly everywhere—but it’s so great when you go to a restaurant that could get away with being jerks, but aren’t.

OK, on to the food. I started with the smoked rabbit pie and hot mustard ice cream because…well, because I have a crazy addiction, and that dish sounded downright batty. But Le Pigeon had my number on this one. I asked for crazy, and I got even crazier. When the server returned with my dish, she set the rabbit pie and savory ice cream down in front of me, and casually mentioned that the artfully presented sauce-like substance spread across the side of the plate was in fact a remoulade of rabbit heart. Well done. Love how she just threw that in at the end there…oh yeah, and there’s some rabbit heart on your plate.

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Artsy Photo of the Day

I don’t care if it’s not trendy anymore. Every food is better when served in tower form.

Spotted at: The Woodsman Tavern, Portland.

Endless Road Trip: Pastrami in Portland?

We know that Portland does pork well…and ice cream, and of course weird food and breakfast. One thing I was not expecting to find in this foodie wonderland was a decent pastrami sandwich. Even more so than bagels or pizza-by-the-slice, pastrami is a food that rightfully belongs to the east coast, and to New York in particular. Just like West Coasters complain up and down that you can’t find good Mexican east of the Mississippi, there is now way I was gonna find a pastrami sandwich in Portland that beats those from somewhere like Lansky’s, right?

Except I did, and it is the best pastrami sandwich I’ve ever had.

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