It’s All in the Crust

Editors’ Note: We can’t very well tell ya’ll about pizza and forget about the dough, now can we? Thankfully, our newest contributor, Lyndsey, is here to chime in with some thoughts on getting that crispy, crackly exterior just right.


A few years ago, my husband (then boyfriend) and I decided it was time to start inching towards healthy eating. But one of the things we were not willing to sacrifice was pizza. So instead of going to our local pizza shop and picking up a few soggy, greasy slices, we decided to start making our own pizzas from scratch. This way, we could pick and choose whatever we wanted to put on the pizza, and limit the size of the pie we made.

I’m sure many of you have had the same experience:  we figured out the basics of the sauce and toppings pretty quickly, but the dough was a different story.

We started off by buying pre-made doughs from a variety of sources, including pizzerias and the
supermarket. But these were really hit or miss: sometimes the texture would be spot-on, and sometimes they would be so tough that it was almost impossible to spread the dough out into a pie shape. Here’s one of our first pizzas:

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