Slutty Brownies

ML had a July 4th party this past weekend and my girlfriend brought the slutty brownies (I know, I am a lucky man). Why “slutty brownies?” Because they’re so bad they’re good.

Biting into a slutty brownie brings you there unique layers and textures. There’s the cookie crust, creating the perfect base to set an Oreo in a bath of fudgy goodness. Then there’s the Oreo, which you’re kind of waiting for anxiously once you find out that somehow there is a whole Oreo in each piece of brownie. Finally, you have the fudge brownie, surrounding the Oreo and leaving nothing more to want but a glass of milk. Personally, I think this is the prime brownie for dunking.

Like its namesake, this recipe is easy, and the brownies move quickly.

Slutty Brownies

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Homemade Ice Cream Cake

My roommate Kate is somewhat of a culinary genius. Not because she cooks fabulously ornate meals or spends hours slaving over the stove. But because in the age of shortcuts, spice mixes, and semi-homemade bullshit, she still cooks with simple, high-quality ingredients all the time. She does not buy anything prepackaged. She pulls together fabulous dinner parties on the fly quite often, and last week she outdid herself, again. Something I just learned about her is that (a long time ago), she worked at a chain ice cream shop, and her job during the day was to make the cakes. And in typical Kate fashion, she took that skill and made something even more fabulous out of it.

I present to you the homemade ice cream cake, using Kate’s standard formula: 2 ice creams, 1 cookie, 1 candy, 2 drizzles. In this particular instance it was a birthday cake, so the birthday guy got to choose: vanilla, coffee, oreos, Reeses cups, chocolate and peanut butter.

The Pauly Special 

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Peanut Butter Oreo Truffles

How do you eat your Oreos? Do you twist? Dunk? Twist, then stack, then dunk? How about crushed and pulverized into a small ball and then covered in chocolate? I never thought an Oreo could get much better until  I visited my girlfriend’s family for the holiday and discovered “Oreo Balls.”  These creamy spheres are made of Oreos crushed up and mixed with cream cheese, then covered in chocolate. They are so good, I’ve been conditioned to salivate just from talking about them.

Fast forward over a year and a half, and my sister’s graduation is upon us. In order to pitch in, I volunteered to make Oreo Balls with a twist—a peanut butter twist. Admit it:  you put some peanut butter on your Oreos occasionally. So I bring to you “stick to the roof of your mouth” Peanut Butter Oreo Truffles.

I figured that actual peanut butter Oreos would work in the recipe, but was prepared to throw in spoons of peanut butter just in case. And of course, since I’m a health nut, I used fat-free cream cheese. Turns out that the one package of peanut butter Oreos was enough to give a sufficient taste of peanut butter in the truffles. The end result is a sweet, creamy, peanut-buttery bite of deliciousness. Imagine the taste of dunking a peanut butter Oreo in milk. It’s better than that. I promise.

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Marshmallows Gone Wild! Top 10 Summertime Uses for Jumbo Marshmallows

Maybe I’m just sheltered, but I never knew about jumbo marshmallows until I saw a large palate of them in a grocery store near the shore a few weeks ago. As a proponent of campfires and burning marshmallows to a charred, crispy, oozing sweet goodness, you would imagine that I got excited.

With the summer finally here, it’s time we break out the mallows and start toasting away. But wait…there’s more you can do with a marshmallow than toast it in a fire? Well yes, and here are ten favorite, craziest ways:

10. Chocolate and Caramel Covered Marshmallow Pops

Whenever we’re making caramel apples, I make sure no caramel goes to waste. I dip marshmallows in the caramel, then set them in the freezer. Why didn’t I think of then dipping in chocolate afterwards? I’m ashamed. The peeps (no pun intended) at the turtle’s life for me made these. A layer of crushed Oreos after the caramel and before the chocolate would MAKE these.

(Photo: A Turtle’s Life for Me)

9. Toasted Coconut Marshmallows

They sell toasted coconut marshmallows in stores — but I’m pretty sure they couldn’t even compare to homemade toasted coconut-covered marshmallows. Now imagine this: they are made with jumbo marshmallows. I’m thinking you can coat the store-bought jumbo marshmallows in melted butter and the toasted coconut would stick. Or just make them from scratch. Whoever said marshmallows are boring: you lose.

(Photo: PreventionRD)

8. Oreo Marshmallows

Again, they’re homemade so the first goal would be to make these oreo marshmallows double the size. Do I hear a challenge? Damn right.

(Photo: Raspberri Cupcakes)

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Food Porn Champion: Cream in the Middle

Now that’s what I call double stuffed.

Read all about it: Pennies on a Platter.

Attack of the Meme: Top 10 Food Texts from Last Night

So maybe the whole Texts From Last Night thing is yesterday’s news (Wikipedia says it’s a “living document of twentysomething life in 2009“) but really, we all know they’re still great even in 2011. (Just as long as drugs keep making us hungry, of course.)

So, here are my Top 10 Food related TFLNs.  Feel free to disagree with me, but you can’t deny it: we’ve ALL been there, or wish we have been.

Top 10 Food Texts from Last Night

10. Straight to the point.

(Original Photo: Neil Conway)

9. Class or booze?

(Original Photo: Steampunk Family the von Hedwigs)

8. So…bread?

(Original Photo: frozenchipmunk)

7. Always make room for essentials.

(Original Photo: Nicola since 1972)

6. Prince Charming.

(Original Photo: Comic Book Movie)

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Time for Some Foodie Halloween Costumes


What are all you ESers dressing as for Halloween this year? Need some inspiration? Check out our compilations of the very best in food halloween costumes.

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