The ES College Drinking Dictionary

The last month was back-to-school time for a lot of college students, including a slew of newly 21-year-olds (and their underage friends with fake IDs), who have infiltrated my favorite neighborhood bar with their mid-week miniskirts and five-inch heels. After my dad told me about a new revolutionary way of taking shots (ice luge) last month, I realized it is my duty to educate parents and elders on what the hell their kids are doing at college, and more importantly, the “cool” terms to use while discussing it:

  • shotgun: stabbing a hole in a beer can with a sharp object (usually a house key),  to suck the beer out of it quickly. Best done outside, or if you’re underage, in a bathtub.
  • keg stand: hand stand (don’t worry – your friends will hold you up) on top of a keg while drinking out of the spigot.
  • bankers: one of the cheapest, drinkable bottom shelf brands of liquor. Sold in plastic jugs. Enjoyed ALWAYS with a mixer of some sort. “Enjoyed” is relative.
  • jello shot: jello made with liquor instead of water (or in addition to, depending on strength) spooned out into cups (or cut into jello gigglers) and served at a party.
  • beirut: another name for beer pong. Don’t use this.
  • civil war: a variation of beer pong that includes three people per team instead of the traditional two. Each team member has their own triangle of cups. Instead of taking turns,  shooting is a complete free-for-all and once a player’s cups are knocked out, they are done playing. Used as an excellent pregaming tool. Not recommended while already drunk (injuries can occur while diving for balls).
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