#OccupyHollywood: Let’s Turn on Foodie Celebs

Looks like the #Occupy gang recently turned on celebs in the well-titled #OccupyHollywood. Of course, the oft-mocked Gwyneth Paltrow couldn’t escape the ire of protesters, er, eh, bloggers. But seriously, if you could afford to put a wood-burning oven in your backyard, wouldn’t you? Could you imagine those awesome dinner parties with intensely smoked veggies and fish and meats and entire cakes made out of s’mores?!

Check out the rest of the overpaid, morally corrupt celebs, especially Mr. Ambiguous Anderson Cooper. Because, as Harvey Milk, said, and I’m paraphrasing here, the more people that come out, the better.

And to keep the convo off food, check it: Will Smith keeps it real.

(Photo: But You’re Like Really Pretty)

Attack of the Meme: Me Want Cookies

You can call me a creepy old man, or you can call me plain weird, but I still think there’s just about nothing funnier than Cookie Monster. I mean, he eats cookies, he eats them hilariously fast, and he yells about it. How do you beat that?

He’s also officially a meme.

 10. #Occupy Sesame Street

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 9. Red Rum! (And Cookies)

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8. A Nerd Joke

(Via: Gegen Den Strich)

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