Dobel Tequila Melonda

Cocktail O’ Clock: The Melonda

Dobel Tequila Melonda

Summertime = watermelon. I like it as a nice, plain fruit but I also like it in my dranks. Watermelon and tequila are a compatible pair, and our friends at Maestro Dobel tequila sent us a recipe truly exemplifying that. Pair your sweet melon with some pomegranate and lime for a hint of tart, plus a bit of agave to balance everything else, and you’re in summer heaven.

The Melonda

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"Chilpotle" Canned Peppers

Fake Plastic Mason Jars

Okay, what… is this? I know that mason jars are ultra-popular right now, and I support it. Full disclosure: I’m actually drinking some juice out of a mason jar right now as I write this. I swear it was unintentional. At least I live in the south, which I feel makes my mason jar drinking somewhat authentic?

Anyway, whatever. They’re good to use for drinking when you have a lot of liquid that you want to drink out of a wide-mouthed glass receptacle. Some people think they’re too hipster and some people don’t. All this is fine, and I don’t really care. But as I said in the beginning: what… IS THIS?!

Plastic Mason Jars 2

Now mason jars are so popular that we can’t even take the time to buy real ones, we need to stock up on plastic ones in the beverage aisle at the grocery store? Here’s a secret: you can pick up mason jars and other “vintage” looking canning gear of all shapes and sizes for about $2-4 at your local craft store or kitchen goods shop. You do NOT need to be spending $10 on one plastic jug with a built-in straw. Yeah, they advertise that they’re BPA-free, but guess what, SO IS GLASS, which is what the original jars are made out of.

Plastic Mason Jars 1

Look at these ones. Complete with fake metal lid. So stylish. So perfect for your picnic. Much better than the original glass. Probably worth the $10. Everything I just typed in this paragraph has been sarcastic. The only reason I could see someone needing one of these is if they planned on drinking so much booze out of a mason jar that they’re afraid they’d drop a glass one and shatter it everywhere, but even then, dude, just drink out of a normal keg cup like the rest of us.