Blood on the Rocks


I just recently finished reading How’s Your Drink, a book that made me feel really guilty about not being a cocktail snob. It’s not that I’m against cocktail snobbery; it’s just that I never really thought about it. With all that time spent being a wine snob, a cheese snob, even a pasta snob, who has time to think about liquor? When I walk in a bar I hardly even know whether I want liquor or beer, much less whether I’d prefer vodka or gin, shaken or stirred, straight up, or…you get the point. I know nothing.

But this book, which is all about classic cocktails whipped up from egg whites and bitters and simple syrup and all that, made me feel like I should at least start putting down the PBRs and learn a little something about drinks. So when I recently read a recipe in New York magazine for a blood orange margarita, instead of saying ‘mmmm, that sounds good’ and flipping on, I actually ripped it out. Mind you, I’m not such a cocktail convert that I actually followed the recipe or anything, but it did inspire me to make my own, somewhat less professional version…

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