Attack of the Meme: Hipster Dads Know Hipster Food and Drink

I think the word hipster needs to be retired. There, I said it. It’s been so overused that it doesn’t even mean anything. What is a hipster? Someone smug, pretentious, a wearer of skinny jeans? A mermaid wearing thick-framed glasses? Well, apparently now Generation Y’s dads are the original hipsters.

Let’s see what hipster dads have to say about food and drink. Actually, now that I think of it, I kind of love hipster dads.

Top 5 Reasons Why Hipster Dads Know Food and Drink

5. Hipster Dad on Craft Beer

He was the MacGyver of making drunk, the Mozart of all things malt. He could bottle a beer with one hand, seduce your mother with the other and still never spill a drop.

(Photo and Text: Dads: The Original Hipsters)

4. Hipster Dad on Obscure Soda

When your dad was thirsty he tossed back sodas so obscure that sometimes he didn’t even know what they were. Ginger lemon agave soda, fuck yeah he’s drank it and it doesn’t even exist.

(Photo and Text: Dads: The Original Hipsters)

3. Hipster Dad on Coffee

He has been drinking since before Starbucks was a small Seattle coffee shop and long before you stopped drinking Starbucks because it was “too mainstream.” His cups were strong, each sip was an eye jolting, bitch slap to drowsy that firmly signified work was about to begin.

(Photo and Text: Dads: The Original Hipsters)

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