Get Your Gourmet Desserts On During Passover

Sick of the leftover brisket and matzah ball soup? Miss your gourmet fare during this very old-world holiday? Well, we’ll try to cure your mid-Passover blues.

Get rid of those tired fake-coconut flavored macaroons from your childhood and check out Madagascar vanilla bean, lemon zest or mini chocolate chip versions (pictured above) from Platine Cookies.

Since flour is a no-no, try a flourless chocolate cake, which turns out half brownie and half chocolate cake and not at all like those Manischewitz cake mixes (also from Platine).

And if you’re feeling extra domestic during the weekend, make your own sweet.

Chocolate Beet Coconut Cake with Chocolate Icing

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That Food Named!


Well we had a lot of good guesses for our most recent Name That Food contest. I especially liked Britannia‘s guess of velveeta cheeese, white bean hummus and hot sauce. As expected, no one knew exactly what this one was — I’d have to say Tracy‘s guess of lemon curd surrounded by white chocolate with raspberry swirls was probably the closest.

So what is this monstrosity? Full explanation after the jump…

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