Getting Busy With the Fizzy

One of the most popular holiday presents for foodies in recent years has been the Sodastream machine. These $100 seltzer makers are new, trendy and high-tech, but also fit nicely into the food world’s current obsession with all things organic and D.I.Y. So naturally, when I walked into my cousin’s Manhattan apartment recently and spied a Sodastream, I congratulated her on being such an up-on-it, trendy foodie.

So imagine my surprise when my other cousin, who was in town visiting from Ireland, walks into the kitchen a few minutes later and remarks, “Oh, a Sodastream – how retro!”


Irish cuz goes on to insist that every single Irish home had a Sodastream in the 1970s, “back when they were cool,” but that now the contraptions are mostly just gathering dust in people’s attics and basements. Clearly, we didn’t believe her, because these things just got popular here, and there is no way we could be decades behind Ireland in terms of food trends, is there? A few days later, she sends this:

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Give Me That Fish (Woo)

Although I don’t eat it often, I love fast food. Nachos Bell Grande? McNuggs? I’m there. And you know what I love more than food? Fast food jingles.

So when a particular jingle is catchy, annoying, creepy, and lasts for more than a year…I’m bound to drunkenly force someone to drive me to McDonald’s and get said sandwich.

Even drunk, I was terrified of the Filet-O-Fish. I’m really particular about my fish, and there was nothing particular about this sandwich. Some people told me they weren’t bad, but the thought of eating fried fish from a fast food restaurant made me dry heave. But I just loved the song so much I had to order it.

After a self pep talk (and some drunk photographing, see below) I took a bite.

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Death to the Hoagie Man


Maybe I’m watching more television these days (well, what else are you supposed to do after college anyway?) but commercials over the last year or two have gotten increasingly annoying. I know nobody can forget the Lenten McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish jingle (GIVE ME BACK THAT FILLET-O-FISH, GIVE ME THAT FISH…sorry), or the YouTube fan rap turned commercial advertising McNuggets (who ISN’T into McNuggets, y’all?). And you can’t tell me you haven’t been to Subway for a Five Doollllaaaa Footlong.

But this time, WaWa has crossed the line…

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