The Drunken Mousse


There are some traditions that are mandatory. That everyone in the world follows. Or at least those believing similarly. For Jews, many traditions revolve around food.  Matzah ball soup for holidays. Binge eating (and then no eating and then binge eating again) on Yom Kippur. Bagels and smoked fish for funerals. But some traditions are just for the family.

I have no idea why my oma always made chocolate mousse for the High Holidays. I only knew how much I loved it. The rich chocolate. The boozy aftertaste. The dollop of whip cream I just watched her whisk into airy submission prior to eating.

I haven’t had this treat for five years now. I’ve eaten other mousses, but they weren’t as dense. They weren’t as intensely flavored. And while I’m still waiting for my uncle to send me her recipe, I’ve figured out my own. And it tastes just like hers. And it fucking rocks.

Eat this the night before you starve all day during Yom Kippur. You’ll be satisfied til you can eat again.

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