Top Chef All-Stars Exit Interview: Episode 2


Calm down, Joe Jonas isn’t the new host of Top Chef All-Stars. He was just the awkwardly placed judge for the Quickfire challenge. And who else would our chef’testants be cooking for this week when a Jonai is present? None other than a room full of thankless kids. Read on to see what this week’s surprising loser has to say.

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Top Chef All-Stars Exit Interview: Episode 1


It’s like a family reunion: lots of familiar faces, lots of hugs, lots of passive-aggressive energy and lots of full frontal hatred. I think this season promises to be a fun one, with heightened emotions and high-level challenges. I never usually enjoy the first 5 episodes or so of Top Chef because there’s just too much going on with having to learn names and personalities and concentrate on 18 different dishes. At least for this season, we already know the chef’testants, know who we like and know who we want humiliated.

Unfortunately, this also means chefs that we love must leave. Sometimes too soon. Here’s the first chef’testant to pack up his/her knives. Find out who is PISSED and calls Tom Colicchio’s rise to stardom sad and heartbreaking.

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Top Chef Exit Interview: Episode 13

Top Chef

Last night we finally got  the big show: the televised debut of preggers Padma, er…part one of the Top Chef season finale. Well we all kinda knew these four chefs would make it this far, right? But of course, only three could make it to the finale. Our (spoiler!) chat with the fourth place chef-testant, after the jump…

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