Have a Very Hazelnut Holiday

Big news for those of us who love creamy booze that goes well with coffee! Baileys is back with a brand new flavor: Hint of Hazelnut.

If you like Baileys (as I do!) and you aren’t averse to hazelnut, this new treat is right up your alley. I honestly don’t have a very in-depth review or critique of this product. I do have some fun facts I learned about Baileys, though: over 2,300 glasses of Baileys are consumed every minute of every day (holla!) and 38,000 Irish dairy cows produce the daily cream requirement for Baileys. That’s a lot of liqueur! In my household, it’s not the holidays without a little splash o’ the sweet stuff in your morning coffee, and I’m excited to add this new edition to my booze arsenal.

The good people at Baileys were kind enough to share a new recipe, formulated by New York mixologist Pamela Wiznitzer, that highlights some favorite flavors of the holidays. I’m no celebrity bartender, but I busted out my best attempt and I have to say, the cocktail turned out pretty classy and tasty!

Haute Hazelnut Cocktail

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When Caffeine Actually Makes You Forget


Do you know what I don’t fucking suggest: drinking coffee cocktails until 2 in the morning.

My dear friends Tim and Alice hosted a holiday drinking fest. They displayed an amazing liquor selection: whiskey, Kahlua, Bailey’s, vodka, bourbon,  kirschwasser and um, lots of things I don’t care to remember. And, there were a bunch of lighter additions as well: lots of fresh citrus and allspice. With all of those options, we felt quite ambitious. We made eggnog from scratch and it was not so cute having to beat the egg whites to a soft peak and then adding sugar to beat it with a stiff peak — without an electric beater. We passed around the bowl to a few friends as our arms burned of whisking overdose.

I wish I could expand on the night. But the combination of coffee and alcohol for hours on end is not a combination I suggest. (Although I do suggest trying these popsicles. I’m dying to know if they are as good as they sound.)

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