Lists Are Decieving

I’m not entirely sure how these magazine “Top fill-in-the-blank” lists are generated. There clearly must be some genuine merit in the list making. But there may also be some pay-for-play going on. But, whatever, lists are fun. Clearly here on ES we’re a bit obsessed.

Fortune (in conjunction with CNN/Money—conglomerates are unclear) released the 2009 50 Most Powerful Women list. When I saw the link via Twitter I was totally pumped. I love girl power.

But as I scrolled, I couldn’t even make it past the top 3. They all worked for food-based companies. You’d think as a food writer I’d be totally pumped. But no, these women worked for huge companies that are contributing to our current obesity epidemic and the overall poor health of the nation and the environment.

I really do usually try to provide women-friendly commentary, but I have to say that I’m embarrassed that these women promote such unhealthy eating habits. Although it’s been proven that when a woman breaks through the glass ceiling it will help other women in that company attain promotions and pay equity, I’m just not so sure I want today’s working women to follow this path.

Maybe this woman’s though.

Here are the top 3 women in Fortune’s list and their offenses:

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