Ginger Ale, My Hero

honeyloupe cocktail

I’m Beatles over Stones. Briefs over boxers. Cantaloupe over honeydew. There are just some things you must chose one of in life and classic bands, boy’s underwear and melon require that level of┬ácommitment.

However, I am up for a compromise. (Wild Horses almost gets me, but it’s mostly The Sundays version).

Anyway, upon my not so frequent market visits this summer (I’m looking at you out-of-town weddings and the Jersey Shore), I found the honeyloupe. Yes, part cantaloupe, part honeydew.

Unfortunately, while the fruit still tasted sweet, it tasted much more like honeydew and not the brighter, more pronounced flavor of the cantaloupe. I ate half the honeyloupe by spoon but saved the rest for a cocktail. Cue my sister’s 23 year old boyfriend, Shane.

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