Port Aransas Shrimp Breakfast Taco

Food Porn Champion: Tacos for Breakfast

Port Aransas Shrimp Breakfast Taco

If you haven’t had a breakfast taco in your life, you (a) have never been to Texas, and (b) are doing yourself a huge disservice. And if you haven’t had a breakfast taco while hungover, you are doing yourself a HUUUUUGE disservice because breakfast tacos are some of the best hangover cures ever. This particular breakfast taco is from a teensy diner in Port Aransas, on the Gulf Coast of Texas. It features fresh gulf shrimp, battered and deep-fried, topped with lettuce, tomato, cheese, and shredded cabbage. Oh, and on the side? Hashbrowns. Why? WHY NOT.

The Perfect Companion

Have I found the perfect companion to Endless Cocktails? Maybe.

A few weeks ago I traveled to Vegas to attend Bloggers in Sin City ,where we were given Sprayology’s Party Relief Spray. Yes, a spray that claims to prevent and cure hangovers.

I know what you’re thinking. This can’t possibly work, right?

Well, it might. The instructions are: spray 2 sprays under tongue prior to drinking, then again after each hour of drinking. Considering Vegas never sleeps, this is a lot of fucking sprays in one night. For two nights in a row I diligently sprayed each hour, and both mornings I woke up hangover free, even after drinking Four Loko and Mad Ballr. The third night was a bit fuzzy…I tried to remember to spray, but when you’re at the bar until 3am and Brittania is buying you drinks….sometimes you just forget and wake up the next morning with the worst hangover of your life.

I have yet to have a hangover while using this spray, but if I’m remembering to use it, maybe I’m not drinking enough to have a hangover in the first place.

What are your best hangover preventions/cures?

What the Hangover Ordered

hungover pizza

Three bags of potato chips. Opened. Some stale. Some not salted enough. All next to me in bed. None of it curing my craving for pizza.

There was absolutely no way I could get dressed and leave the house for the second time that day. Not even to go downstairs to pay the delivery person.

>>>Mental Scan of Kitchen<<<
Day-old bread

While this may seem strange, I decided that cooking dinner was somehow less effort than buying it. I’m weird. I’m a food writer. What can I say.

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