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Bar SC

Editors’ Note: Our newly relocated friend Westcoast, has, as you can guess, finally moved to the West Coast. San Fransisco to be exact.  In his first month out there he’s already been tasked with an Endless Simmer assignment. Grueling. Miserable. Terrible. Assignment. Party for Pride. Here’s his story, turned into a drinking game.

Disclaimer: If you are looking for a drinking game (since drinking has become muy popular on ES this summer) you’re in for a Pride 2010 treat!  Drink each time you find a gay-themed word (some are sexual, some not and some are disguised as other words, but spelled the same as their naughty cousins).

Second Disclaimer: I am writing this from my new home in San Francisco and you might find some of the content offensive. That sucks for you.  [Drink.]

Ok.  So San Francisco Pride is kind of a big deal.  For a gay, err, queer (have to use the new left coast lingo) young man like myself, coming to San Francisco Pride is like being welcomed home to the mothership.  Two years ago Lady Gaga headlined the festival before we even knew what a poker face was or meant.  This year the Backstreet Boys are the headlining act.  Next year maybe we’ll have Paula Abdul and MC Skat Kat (obligatory use of scat complete).  Because sometimes moving forward in time is like moving backward in time, to a time you don’t really miss that much (two steps forward…two steps backstreet boys).

Supperclub San Francisco once again invited ES to experience one of its amazing events.  If you have never been to a Supperclub (Los Angeles opens soon), I strongly encourage you to consider.  It is truly an experience you won’t regret.  All of your senses are dazzled at Supperclub…there’s amazing food and drink, a DJ spinning funky thump lounge, a VJ opening up your brain to dramatic, yet artistic visuals and live performance art throughout the night, all culminating in a huge dance party.  Oh, and we had a spectacular hostess extraordinaire, Miss Vee, who poured sparkling wine all over herself during a dance number.

This event was billed as an official San Francisco Pride Event and birthday bash for all Geminis.  It just so happens that my best friend, who just turned 30 himself, is a Gemini and likes to paint live performers with paint brushes in front of an audience (we all have our fetishes).  His arm also makes a nice prop for pictures.  Though we weren’t ever completely sure that we were at a pride event, we certainly had a blast.  On tap for the night was a surprise four-course dinner created by Executive Chef Daan Jetten and event-specific, yummy drinks.  Here’s where the review begins and the blow-by-blow of the food, since we all like to eat out.

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