Top Chef Exit Interview: Episode 7


High stakes indeed! This week, the Top Chef Las Vegas contestestants had to cook for not one, but five A-list dinner guests. Out chat with the eliminated gambler (spoiler alert!) after the jump.

BUT FIRST, in our continuing round-the-clock coverage of Padma Lakshmi’s hostile takeover of the entire media world, we’re pleased to bring you the latest music video from indie rockers The Eels, starring Ms. Lakshmi herself (watch for the not-so-subtle Tangy, Tart, Hot and Sweet plug):

OK, on with the exit interview…

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Mr. & Mr. Ben-Jerry

B&J Hubby Hubby

I now pronounce you Ben and you Jerry, husband and husband.

That’s right folks, today isn’t just the unofficial end of summer (boo!), but  marks the first day that the great state of Vermont performs same-sex marriages (yay!).

To celebrate this milestone event Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream has teamed up with Freedom to Marry and is renaming one of their signature ice creams: Chubby Hubby to Hubby Hubby.

If you are in Vermont during September be sure to hit up one of the B&J shops for their fabulous peanut cookie dough ice cream and support the cause by chowing down on some Hubby love.

Vermont is one of four states that now perform same-sex marriages with California Massachusetts, Connecticut and Iowa being the other three. New Hampshire’s same-sex marriage law goes into effect Jan. 1, 2010. NH, do you think you can trump Ben & Jerry’s foodie political move? You have four months to work on it. ES is watching.