In Search of Liquid Comfort


Last week after a press dinner at Smith Commons (yes to the mushroom soup) Johanna and I checked out a few bars along H Street, NE, an area hard to get to from most of the city. We figured if we’re all the way out here already we might as well sniff out the scene.

We landed in Fruit Bat, a bar bursting with so much fruit that huge baskets hang low at the counter, blocking my view of the bartender (and the back mirror that I use to finger wave my hair back in place). I tried a pumpkin infused vodka, but when it didn’t taste like pumpkin pie I became upset.

Sometimes I just want a creamy drink. I was raised on Kahlua and cream (my mom would let me sip her’s during the last hour of our cousins’ bar and bat mitzvahs) and I sometimes I can’t shake the urge for liquid comfort.

A few nights later my friends Tim and Alice entertained. I didn’t have much to bring, but pulled together 2 bananas, a V8 and a Samuel Smith Oatmeal Stout (in fact, from my Smith Commons goodie bag). I knew cocktail master Tim would find a good use for my gifts – a dream of a shake with all the comfort a girl could want.

PB, Banana and Vodka
Blend: peanut butter, banana, milk, honey, Kahlua, Creme de Coca, Vodka and ice.

(Photo: Dalekwidow)