These Tacos Are Making Me Thirsty

yup, those taco shells are fried

So, I went to Mexico City.  And I survived.  And it all happened in Denver.  Allow me to explain:

Mexico City is a Mexican restaurant in downtown Denver.  They’re famous for their……FRIED TACOS.  Don’t believe me? Check out their aptly named website.

The tacos are fried with the cheese embedded in the fried taco shell.  In the taco: steak, lettuce, tomato and avocado (a nice touch).  The issue with melting the cheese to the fried taco shell is that the distribution of the cheese is somewhat uneven.

Some bites provide cheesy, delicious explosions, while others are dominated by the steak and other toppings.  This is why one member of our group exclaimed, “That’s why I order four—to maximize the amount of opportunities for a fried taco/cheese explosion party in my mouth.”


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