Adventures of a Semi-Vegetarian: Pot Roast Bolognese Pappardelle

It’s okay, you can laugh at my semi-vegetarianism. Everyone does. I eat meat one day a week at the most. But when I do, it must be high quality; I’m not a fan of hormones or antibiotics or animals crammed into warehouses. Please respect your food.

After coming out of my food coma, I thought I would share this recipe for Pot Roast Bolognese Pappardelle with my fellow ESers because I know you all enjoy a good food coma. However, you must know, there are a few essentials to this recipe where corners cannot be cut:

  • Use fresh homemade pasta (you can make ahead).
  • Take time to braise your meat on low (you can make ahead).
  • Use homemade vegetable stock (you can make ahead).
  • Use a full-bodied red wine.
  • Season your sauce with kosher salt and fresh ground pepper and salt your pasta water.

That’s it. If you don’t cut corners, this will be delicious. And yes, even semi-vegetarians will like it.

Pot Roast Bolognese Pappardelle

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