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Flip Flop Inducing Quaffability

– This week we all learned a little something about the utility of shoe wear and alcohol. It’s no surprise that ES readers were in full support of the makeshift opener.

andrew added icing to the cake:

Plus alcohol kills germs, right? that’s what I’ll tell myself if I drink one from this opener.

Charles Thompson was happy to hear of the brand’s multi-purpose:

Reef flip flops are the best. I bought a pair not knowing about the bottle opener on the bottom. What a great and convenient surprise!

Summer makes a good point though:

I’ve also seen beer-themed flip flops that have a bottle opener embedded in the strap that goes across the foot… it seems a bit more hygienic to open your drink with the top of your shoe rather than the bottom.

The Best Birthday Present a Girl Could Ask For

– Also, Phillies fans can look forward to celebrating America’s two favorite past times: baseball and junk food during the upcoming Gluttony Night. They also have this to look forward to in the fall.

ladygoat had an ambiguous response:

That … is awesome. The name alone is brilliant!

Cheflebrity Smörgåsbord: Amtrak is a Culinary Wasteland

– And the jury is still out on how ES readers feel about Spike’s email sign off “Love and Bacon.” Trying too hard or downright awesome?

(Photo by OhGizmo – yes, the flops are effing real)

Flip Flop Inducing Quaffability

flip flop bottle opener

In college my favorite beer was Corona and to make sure I could always drink it, I kept a bottle opener on my key chain. I’m sure it was one of those free ones they were always giving away on the quad, probably pushing a new e-book store or some other “student advantage.”

Now though, with Corona off the top spot, I no longer keep an opener with me at all times (although I wouldn’t mind a small, portable wine key on my key chain.) Of course though, I am still faced with the same dreadful situation: a beer and no available opener.

Cue my boyfriend. And his flip flops.

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