Feed Us Back: Comments of the Week


– Waste not, want not!  Britannia might not like a sub-par tomato, but Sam has a great solution for those unattractive end slices:

I know where I work, with the ends of the tomato we just chop/dice them and put them in a shallow container, and use them for omeletts that have tomato in it.

– Could it be that Annie Hall is the key to great movie kitchens?  Tia certainly thinks so:

Did you notice how many of those amazing movie kitchens star Diane Keaton? It just seemed odd.

– ML managed to implant the Filet-O-Fish song in all of our heads, but it was a Tyler that was the icing on the cake (Central Jersey REPRESENT!):

THIS guy…

(Photo: Jon Juan)

Death to the Hoagie Man


Maybe I’m watching more television these days (well, what else are you supposed to do after college anyway?) but commercials over the last year or two have gotten increasingly annoying. I know nobody can forget the Lenten McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish jingle (GIVE ME BACK THAT FILLET-O-FISH, GIVE ME THAT FISH…sorry), or the YouTube fan rap turned commercial advertising McNuggets (who ISN’T into McNuggets, y’all?). And you can’t tell me you haven’t been to Subway for a Five Doollllaaaa Footlong.

But this time, WaWa has crossed the line…

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