Cheflebrity Smörgåsbord: Philly Beer Week – Fun for the Whole Family

The latest and greatest news about celebrity chefs, served up buffet style.


– It’s Beer Week here in Philadelphia — a celebration of the wonderfully vibrant beer culture of the city.  Unfortunately, our toddlers have shitty taste.  Seriously, kid…Miller Lite?

Paula Deen gets a little handsey with The Situation.  Also getting handsey?  Paula’s maid, who helped herself to $10K worth of the food personality’s jewelry.

After the jump…a lesson in marketing.

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Cheflebrity Smörgåsbord: A Situation at the Bar


The latest and greatest news about celebrity chefs, served up buffet style.

– Slightly hoppy with a strong finish of  meathead:  Iron Hill, a brewpub in Maple Shade, New Jersey, is celebrating everyone’s favorite Jersey Shore guido with a namesake beer.

– Ferran Adria, the chef that other chefs want to be when they grow up, is shutting his world-renowned El Bulli down for two years.  Funny…if a genius closes his business for two years, he’s regarded as quirky or enigmatic.  If you or I did it, people would think we’re bat-shit crazy.

After the jump…we learn that it’s important to sound out possible restaurant names before committing to one, that former competitors can pull together for a good cause and that all food writers will be the subject of a movie at some point.

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Cheflebrity Smörgåsbord: A Dingo Ate My Soufflé

Food movies can be a dicey proposition.  Sure, we were able to find plenty of great food movie scenes, but the truth of the matter is that there are plenty of bad food-centric movies out there.  Does anybody remember Simply Irresistable?  Yeah, that’s what I mean.

But I’m pretty sure that I’m going to like Julie & Julia.  Why? For starters, it’s about Julia Child, who is scheduled to be canonized by the Pope any day now. Second, it stars Meryl Streep, and she’s doing an accent.  I smell Oscar. And finally, I’m certain that I’ll love it because — as the trailer points out — it’s about a blogger!  Once J&J takes off like gangbusters, it’s only a matter of time before Endless Simmer: The Movie.  What will it be about?  Who knows, but I guarantee strong language, needless violence and gratuitous nudity.  Lots and lots of nudity.

Which leads me to my first point in the smörg…

– Padma Lakshmi showed up at the White House Correspondents Dinner in DC wearing a see-through dress.  Really, Padma?  Can’t you just cry out for attention with an overdose like every other celebrity?  Photos NSFW, obviously.

– Two of our favorite food competition show runners-up, Kelsey Nixon of Next Food Network Star and Spike Mendelsohn of Top Chef, are starring in a new video series for, the new site from the Food Network folks that features all kinds of original content and social media integration.

After the jump…a less-than-rare celebrity fashion sighting, two pretty boys team up to make America skinnier and the world’s greatest chef sends out for a slice.

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