Top 5 British Cheeses

ES sponsor is a new online food store: an artisan butcher, greengrocer and cheesemonger offering high-quality, organic British goods, delivered directly from the food producers who supply Britain’s top chefs, like Heston Blumenthal of Fat Duck. The online shop includes everything from premium British bacon to leg of lamb and fresh produce. But, as usual, we’re most excited about the cheese. Turns out Britain has much more than just cheddar to offer. Check out Farmison’s cheese boxes available online, including our five new favorites:

5. Dunsyre Blue

You may associate blue cheese most closely with France, but in recent years the Scottish highlands have become ground zero for new varieties of this tangy, crumbly cheese. That’s largely thanks to Humphrey Errington, the Scottish farmer who first started turning the country’s ample ewes’ milk bounty into blue. His latest creation is a cheese more creamy than crumbly, with a soft, long, blue mellowness. Part of the British Farmhouse Cheese Box.

4. Golden Cross

Another French adaptation, this East Sussex product is a St. Maure-style goat cheese; an ancient method that involves lightly ash-ing each log so that it becomes denser, creamier and fuller-flavored as it ages. Golden Cross has a strong, cheese-lovers’ flavor, but with two distinct velvety, creamy textures — which can be brought out perfectly by grilling. Part of the Cheesemasters Special Selection Box.

3. Mrs Kirkham’s 4 Day Smoked Lancashire

Moving on to a British original, Lancashire-style cow’s-milk cheese has been produced in Northwest England for centuries. This creative take on the classic method involves smoking the cheese over hickory for four days while it is still very young. The cheese develops along with the smoke, resulting in a deep, dry, full-bodied flavor. Part of the Farmison Handpicked Cheese Box

2. 10 Month Old Lochnagar Cheddar

OK, so Britain’s not only about cheddar, but they still do cheddar pretty darn well. Made in the traditional Scottish style and colored with annato, then aged slowly until it develops a mature, only slightly sharp bite, this very cheddar-y cheddar is perfect for pairing with wine. Part of the British Artisan Cheese Box.

 1. Ragstone

This award-winning southeastern English goat’s cheese is unusual in that it is made using kid’s rennet, producing a finer, deeper and more consistent flavor than in most goat’s cheeses, which are actually finished with calf or vegetarian rennet. The smooth, slightly oozy result, with just light notes of lemon and honey, is the freshest-tasting goat’s cheese you can find. Part of the Farmison Handpicked Cheese Box.

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