ES Inbox: Avocado Conundrum

avocado love

ES Inbox is an occasional occurrence when a reader sends us a question and we have no fucking idea what the answer is. Please helps us look good by providing guidance in the comments.

Dear Gansie,

I have had the same 3 avocados sitting in the vegetable drawer in my fridge since New Year’s Eve (unforgivable, I know, but I forgot they were there–all the kale and collard greens kept them hidden.)I didn’t want to just throw them out (that would be truly unforgivable), so I decided to take a look at what exactly happens inside of a 6 week old avocado.

I was expecting a funky smelling, completely black pile of mush. Instead, they were absolutely PERFECT! I mashed ’em up and had feta guac for lunch.

But how did this happen? Do I have a magic fridge? Or do avocados have an unusually long shelf life of which I was heretofore unaware?

As the foremost avocado expert in the blogosphere, do you think you could explain this? I’m at a loss.

Quizzically yours,