Commenter of the Year

…and most likely decade, millennium, what have you.

Awhile back ES commenter erica mentioned that an Endless Simmer theme song actually comes into her head every time she navigates to the site. She wasn’t lying, and now she’s been awesome enough to go ahead and actually record it. Best holiday present ever.

Endless Simmer by gawkylu
If anyone wants to take the lead for 2012 commenter of the year, I would love to hear a death metal version of this jingle.

Three Internet Phenomenons You Probably Don’t Need to Know About


1. Men Laughing While Eating Fruit Salad

I actually don’t think fruit salad is funny. In fact, I hate fruit salad. It’s this big soggy mess and all of the different kinds of fruit just end up tasting like each other. Who wants to eat a brown, citrus-infused banana? Anyway, apparently all of these dudes find this vitamin C filled bowl fodder for a good chuckle. Who am I to deny their joy?

(Collage by Endless Simmer; Photos from BuzzFeed)

Hi everyone! I'm back!  In Vegas at Beso doing a photo shoot! More pictures to come!

2. Eva Longoria Scantily Poses to Save Restaurant

This probably isn’t a phenomenon at all. But girl’s gotta do something to save her failing Vegas restaurant, Beso.

(Photo: @EvaLongoria)

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