We Love To Cook. And It Shows.


I’m a terrible, terrible gift receiver. And I really hope my family isn’t reading this post. For Chanukah last year I asked for a creme brulee set with a mini blow torch. I don’t know what intrigued me to light food on fire, but I couldn’t wait to caramelize everything that came out of my kitchen.

But because that beautiful set has not been used yet, I didn’t request any gear for the kitchen. I still landed two cutting boards (thanks Mommy and 80P); two books, Watching What We Eat (thanks 80P’s parents) and Alice Waters’ The Art of Simple Food (thanks Justin); a pizza peel (thanks Scott); and a bagel guillotine (thank’s 80P’s parents). And I’m sure I’m forgetting some things.

So besides the neglect of my 2008 presents, I also didn’t ask for anything because I binged purchased for myself recently (and there is >>thismuch<< room left in my cabinets). I cannot deny the allure of thrift store kitchen items. So cheap, so cute, so unique, so unnecessary, which is actually part of the charm.

Above you will see the set of 6 mini bakeware dishes. I don’t know what that kind of canoe-like shape is called, but it was just too cute. I love sets of things. I love that green. And when I have a dinner party for 6 everyone will be able to have an individual side of um, something. I actually already used one for a shallow dip bowl.

More purchases from unexpected brands post jump.

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