Hott Links: The Hops Are Comin’ To Get Ya


It’s finally arrived in the nation’s capital. No, not voting rights. Beer Week!

DC’s Inagural hops celebration started Sunday and culminates Friday as the Nats unveil the staduim’s new microbrews, including Bell’s Kalamazoo Stout and Stone Arrogant Bastard. It’s really all the Nats have going for them.

I was super jealous when TVFF bragged about Philly’s Beer Week, but now I’m overwhelmed! So many bars, beers and hangovers to be had! Where’s a blogger to start!

Well, I’m reading up on alternative beverages, just in case I can’t stomach a brew by the end of the week.

“Where political righteousness and a reverence for luxury items mix together as well as dry vermouth and gin” [SF Gate]

Near obsessive devotion to the art of old-time cocktails and decor”  [Budget Travel]

They found calm through the drink’s association with Britain and cultural icons such as the Queen” [AFP]