Mudslides Gone Wild!

If you’ve read ES for, oh, 30 seconds or so, you probably know that we like cooking with booze. And no one does it better than our own bakers royale, who has found not 1, not 2, but 4 ways (so far) to turn a mudslide cocktail into a delicious dessert. Let’s take a moment to say bravo. And yum.

1. Mudslide Cupcake

Chocolate cake plus buttercream frosting infused with homemande Bailey’s, chocolate and kahlua. Bet you’re sorry you said you were over cupcakes now, huh?

2. Mudslide Ice Cream Cake

Take that kahlua, chocolate and Bailey’s, infuse it into some ice cream, and shape it into a cake.

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8 Recipes Inspired By Halloween Candy

Halloween is always fun, but eventually you reach an age when candy alone just isn’t exciting enough anymore. And that’s when you start getting creative.

1. Milky Way Brownies

What’s better than a candy bar? A candy bar inside a chocolate brownie.

Recipe: Recipe Girl

2. Snickers Cupcakes

The caramel, peanut-y goodness of America’s favorite candy bar, re-imagined as a cupcake.

Recipe: Annie’s Eats

3. Butterfinger Cheesecake

Our own Bakers Royale dreamed up this pretzel-butterfinger-chocolate concoction.

Recipe: Bakers Royale

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Two Broke Girls With One Contradiction

I live in DC, where the people are nerdy and we still form lines at cupcake shops. We’re dorky. Okay. I admit it. But I also live among the smug and deceptively pretentious. I’ve been to Brooklyn, too. I’m familiar with stereotypes. Therefore, let me judge.

In the new CBS laugh-tracked comedy, 2 Broke Girls, a sarcastic bitchy brunette, “Max,” played by Kat Dennings, is poor and full of sass, living in the birthplace of hipsterville, Williamsburg, yet dreams of opening a cupcake store.

Max isn’t a hipster herself, as she easily mocks two wool-hat wearing scrawny boys, but she sure isn’t subscribing to Real Simple either. Heeding information solely from the inaugural episode, I concur that the too-cool Max should be too-cool for the tired cupcake hysteria, making 2 Broke Girls a new sitcom with an already faulty old-trend.

Fuck cupcakes.


(Photo: All Things Cupcake)


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Cupcakes have become the divisive issue in the world of treats. However you feel, we can all agree that they’re a fantastic way to ingest a day’s worth of sugar. Enjoy our collection—both recipes and commentary—for this most tiny package.

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