Crispy French Toast Strawberry Shortcake

My car stereo has been on the fritz this week.  So, unless I listen to my iPod with one earphone in (for safety, people), I’m kind of forced to think on the way to and from work.  Let me just preface this by saying that I’m really weird.  But whatever.  I embrace it. Well, what I have been thinking about lately is tweeting.  More accurately, I have been thinking about tweets I would tweet if I tweeted.  I don’t have Twitter, nor do I have any desire to.  But, still, this is what is on my mind:

Does {the rapper} Pitbull have any actually albums of his own?  It seems like he is on everyone else’s songs.  Does he have time to do songs alone?  How does he sell records?


I raced home and put my swimsuit on the other day and I totally did not even get in the pool.  I felt really loser-y sitting around in a non-functional swimsuit.  It’s like putting on a prom dress and sitting on the couch.  What the heck?


What would happen if you combined cornflake encrusted angel food cake French toast with roasted strawberries and made a play on strawberry shortcake?  Um, my head might explode.


That last fake tweet was clearly onto something.

Crispy French Toast Strawberry Shortcake

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The Endless Road Trip: Philadelphia’s Top 10 Eats 7. Love on the Run


As a life-long Philly guy, I think I speak from experience when I say that this city isn’t usually on the cutting edge of the latest trends and fashions.  For all of its charms, this place can be bit more traditional…parochial, even, when it comes to new ways of doing things.  So it’s no surprise that the food truck phenomenon arrived a little bit later in Philly than other cities like New York.  That said, Philadelphia has been working hard to narrow the gap a bit with some inspired new mobile options, a few of which go beyond the everyday taco truck.

Oh, sure, we have those, too.  And not just any taco truck.  An Iron Chef taco truck:  Guapos Tacos is run by Jose Garces’ local restaurant empire and serves some tasty fish tacos.  But what if I told you that there is also a Mexican-Thai fusion truck that makes creative use of a favorite kids’ breakfast cereal?  How about a truck dedicated to Trinidadian food?  That’s not something you see every day.

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Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Rice Krispie Squares

Time to celebrate back-to-school season with some kid-friendly, no-bake goodness. But since we couldn’t keep our busy hands alone with the just the classic Rice Krispie treats, we threw a few extra add-ins for a scaled-up version.

Don’t worry  — we didn’t get too complicated. What we did do was add was some peanut butter and chocolate, plus some bananas to cut through the richness, and because three is never a crowd when it comes to those flavors.

So yeah, sit back, have a few bites, and go ahead — wipe your mouth on your sleeve.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Rice Krispie Squares

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S’more Than You Can Handle

Sometimes life gets too busy for dessert. You’re playing defense, offense, triangulating with co-workers and family members to keep the things moving with forward momentum and with as little conflict as possible, right? By the time you finish up all this life-playing, you’ll probably have enough time to catch a syndicated Seinfeld episode before falling asleep.

Wrong. You still have time for this s’mores bar recipe, which is  super easy and pretty much fail-proof. The only difficulty comes with the wait period in which the chocolate needs to set.

Oh, and Cocoa Pebbles is my secret ingredient to keep the chocolate portion from being too rich and give it a textural contrast.

S’mores Bars

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Milkshakes Gone Wild

Chocolate or vanilla? Are you kidding me? Milkshakes are the latest classic comfort fare to get a foodie-fied makeover, and we’re liking what we see. From bacon and bourbon to sweet potatoes and cereal, these creative innovations from chefs and bloggers around the country would make your grandmother’s milkshakes blush.

1. Cereal Milk Milkshake

Blogger Savory Notes took everyone’s favorite end-of-bowl treat — cereal-steeped milk — and turned it into cereal-flavored milkshakes.

Recipe: cereal milk milkshakes

2. Sweet Potato Cashew Milkshake

At Baltimore’s B&O American Brasserie, chef Thomas Dunklin whips up sweet potato ice cream and blends it with candied cashews and bourbon.

Recipe: sweet potato cashew milkshake

3. Dulce de Bacon Milkshake

Does life get any better than dulce de leche and bacon up in your milkshake? We don’t think so. Kudos to Adventures in Cooking for dreaming this up.

Recipe: dulce de bacon milkshake


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A Healthy Start to Our Life…I Mean, Day

It’s safe to say that none of you think of Endless Simmer as your first place to turn for healthy eating news. Heck, even our breakfasts usually include potato chips, pizza and beer. But we have a dirty little secret. In just a few days the combined age of Endless Simmer’s two editors will be 60. Yes, we’re both in, or nearly in, our 30s and starting to worry about things like high cholesterol and the idea of maybe not eating bacon 100 times a year. I know, I’m not happy about it either.

Case in point: for the past four years—ever since I moved back to NYC—I have eaten a bagel and cream cheese for breakfast approximately five times a week. I might actually be under-exaggerating. I just don’t get tired of them. I don’t know what made me do it—probably that 30th birthday looming on my calendar—but I recently decided to look up how many calories are in a big ‘ol New York bagel and schmear. I won’t tell you all the gory details, but let’s just say it isn’t pretty. So, for the first time since I was a teenager, I’ve switched back to cereal for breakfast. This is not a problem per se–I love cereal and I always have some around as a snack. But that’s just it—I think of cereal as a snack, not a meal. Rice Krispies are fantastic, but I can eat three bowls of them and still be hungry for lunch at 10:15.

So when Kellogg’s recently asked us to try out their new FiberPlus Cereal—a request I might have scoffed at a few years ago—I decided to go for it.  I’ve been on the market for a healthy breakfast that will sate me in one serving, so I figured I’d give it a try.


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Magic Marshmallow Peep Treats

Generally, I don’t have much of a sweet tooth, but I do have a foodie fetish for anything marshmallow. Combine that with my love of cute and colorful things, and it should come as no surprise that my favorite cereal as a kid was Lucky Charms, and my favorite Easter candy was obviously Peeps.

Now that I am all grown up, no magical Easter fun for me anymore, right? WRONG!

As adults, I think we can all agree that there is absolutely no activity more mentally stimulating than brainstorming ways to implement Peeps into everyday recipes. This time of year my complex mind is constantly churning out ideas. The perfect storm has been brewing, and it didn’t take long for me to pair my beloved childhood cereal and beloved childhood candy into one miraculous dessert/snack/breakfast (why not? sugar provides a lot of energy for an otherwise dreary morning).

Warning: these are not for the faint of heart; they are pushing the threshold of the human body’s tolerance for both sugar and cuteness consumption. Personally, I think they are perfect for children, or those who are still children at heart, or maybe a certain subset of the population who still think that Lisa Frank‘s designs are the height of sophistication and style (myself included).

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