Cheflebrity Smörgåsbord: High VOLTage

The latest and greatest news about celebrity chefs, served up buffet style.

– The Voltaggios…no really, they’re much more likable in real life than they were on  Top Chef!

–  As part of our ongoing efforts to chronicle the food-related projects of the entire cast of Friends: Courtney Cox may be planning a food truck sitcom.  I can’t wait for the inevitable David Schwimmer hot dog pushcart crime drama.

After the jump…when food and politics collide and we go countdown crazy.

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Cheflebrity Smörgåsbord: First Person to Make a “Brokeback” Joke Wins


The latest and greatest news about celebrity chefs, served up buffet style.

– The Village People are mad at Jamie Oliver for using their costumes without permission.  Everyone else is mad at him for looking ridiculous in the “Motorcycle Enthusiast’s” handlebar mustache.

– Is Bobby Flay building his house on a Native American burial ground?  If so, here’s some free advice:  Move the headstones and the bodies!

After the jump…Carl’s Jr. continues to scrape the bottom of the celebrity barrel, celeb chefs need to pay Uncle Sam just like you and me, and Padma slides further down my list of faves.

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Cheflebrity Smörgåsbord: Susie Fogelson Needs a Virtual Heimlich


The latest and greatest news about celebrity chefs, served up buffet style.

– The new Food Network Wii game, Cook or Be Cooked!, will make you a world-class chef in the same way that Wii Sports has turned you into a professional athlete.  Remember: video bowling ain’t exercise, chubby.

– Salman Rushdie is reportedly still obsessed with Padma Lakshmi.  That’s a stunning lack of willingness to “live in the moment” displayed by someone who was wanted dead my millions of people.

After the jump:  A murder in the publishing business, Bobby Flay is moving on up and a celeb chef shows us that it’s never too late.

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Blogger Boggle: FMK

neelys sandra-lee-749320 bobby_flay

Editors’ Note: You know, it’s hard thinking of snarky commentary every day, so we’ve opened up the labor pool to our fellow food bloggers.

This week we’ve asked our Food Network watching buddies to play a friendly game of Fuck, Marry, Kill. For those of you unfamiliar, you are given three things and must decide which one to fuck, marry and kill.

It’s summer, okay, give us a break. We’ll return to serious food matters soon enough.

Sandra – Fuck. I can picture the tablescape now.

Bobby – Marry.  I almost married a guy friend in college so we could do the Peace Corp together.  I’m not above it.  If I married Bobby, I would cheat on him with all of his ex-wives, in order.  Then I would sell the rights to the Made-for-TV Movie

Neelys – Kill. Actually, I don’t even have to.  The way they eat, I can just sit back and watch nature do its magic.  They butcher meals in a way that I’ve never seen before.

—Nick, Macheesmo

Of course you’re going to fuck the Neelys. It’d be an interesting night of saucy ribs and a sexy spice fairy… and I’m sure Gina would get involved, too.

I’d marry Bobby, since he has a high net worth and he’s already been married 4 times so we’d probably get divorced. And I wouldn’t sign a prenup.

I guess that leaves Aunt Sandy to get killed, but I’m sure she’d come back as a beautiful color-coordinated napkin ring made out of bottle caps stitched together with craft wire.

—Jacob Strauss, Food Network Addict

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Cheflebrity Smörgåsbord: Stems and All


I think I was inspired by gansie’s recent attempt at eating down the fridge to exercise a bit of frugality of my own the other night.  Or maybe it was just an empty stomach and a lack of hot sausage that made me reconsider something that usually is bound for the garbage.

Monday night was pasta night in the TVFF household and the dish this week was orecchiette and broccoli rabe with olive oil and toasted garlic.  Typically, that dish gets some crumbled Italian sausage to make it more substantive, but I found myself without.  And so I turned to the lonely broccoli rabe stems, which I usually lop off and toss in the trash.

It took a bit of time and some tedious peeling, but what was left was the size and consistency of tender asparagus.  I gave them an extra minute’s blanche and then threw them in with the florets and leaves, providing a slight crunch and a fuller meal.  The net result was a very tasty dish and a guilty conscience about usually discarding a perfectly edible item.

So…any great, thrifty hints that can save you a buck and make better use of the ingredients in your kitchen?  Share your frugal secrets in the comments.

Nothing ever goes to waste in the smörgåsbord!

–  After the past week, I have newfound culinary respect for the President–despite my previous reservations.  I had my first Five Guys experience (great burgers, even though they don’t serve medium or rare) and now the prez is grillin’ and chillin’ with Bobby Flay.

– Nancy Silverton and Mario Batali talk Italian food in Aspen.  The YumSugar folks list some of the advice that they provided, although we suggest you avoid adopting Mario’s unconventional hair-care technique.

After the jump: free investment advice (which is worth every penny you paid for it), your last chance at fame and fortune (yeah, good luck with that) and Gordo runs afoul of of the bobby while pushing his pram and driving his lorry (insert additional British slang here).

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Feed Us Back: Comments of the Week


DaFlake is not down with the lastest item from Taco Bell:

The flaming red taco shell of the Volcano Taco scares me – not cuz of the taste, but cuz of the FLAMING REDNESS. How much Red dye #’s 5 & 7 are in that sucka’?

Ruby-doo is similarly unimpressed with Bobby Flay:

I still refuse to believe that he is not an asshat. mainly because i like saying that word, and it fits him so well.

Who says ES-ers have no moderation? 49 percent of you are buying the latest scientific egg news, and going with the three-a-week theory. But Michael isn’t buying it:

Eggs are delicious, and I’m prone to be very skeptical about any research telling me not to eat anything that’s been a staple of the human diet for, basically, ever.

Speaking of our favorite food, we’re still getting updates on 100-plus ways to cook eggs. This week, SydneyCider adds on her very cool-looking Dukkah Eggs.

Bobby Flay: Love/Hate

Bobby Flay and the finalists of The Next Food Network Star.

At Toastmasters, they teach you not to start a speech without an opening joke, so:

Q: What do you get when you spell “Bobby Flay” backwards?
A: Tyler Florence.

Get it? Of course you do.

Like a lot of people, I have a love/hate relationship with Food Network. I adore the brainy didacticism of Good Eats, the goofy travelogue of Diners, Drive-Ins, & Dives, and the stoner vibe of Ace Of Cakes. On the other hand, five fingers: I cringe at the encroaching blight of cooking competition shows, wonder why so many people tune in to Food Network Challenge just to watch a cake fall over, and if I have to sit through one more factory tour on Unwrapped, I’m gonna hurt somebody.

This week, Endless Simmer was invited to sit in on a conference call with Bobby Flay; New York native, television chef, and host of the fifth season of The Next Food Network Star. A lot of people have a love/hate relationship with Flay. They admire his passion for cooking, drool over his baby-fat good looks, but still hoot when he loses on Throwdown. Like it or not, Flay has become, along with several other single-name chefs, the new face of a post-Emeril Food Network.

Fortunately, we were able to eke out a little insight into the man’s mindset towards his profession and what the world thinks of him:

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