Attack of the Meme: Betty White-Bill Murray Mashup Eats Hot Dog

I saw Betty White on TV the other day and I had a terrible thought. I’m really sick of her. Sure it was darling when the fans decided to lift her out of now where and force Lorne Michaels into letting her host Saturday Night Live, but now, well, I’m just kind of done with this sassy, old woman fascination. (Although this is funny.)

That is, until, Bill Murray‘s face smashed on her head. Above, the Bill-Betty mashup eats an over-sized hot dog. Enjoy more weird renditions of this totally bizarre meme over at the Bill vs. Betty tumblr.

(Photo: Bill vs. Betty)

Attack of the Meme: Top 10 Food Texts from Last Night

So maybe the whole Texts From Last Night thing is yesterday’s news (Wikipedia says it’s a “living document of twentysomething life in 2009“) but really, we all know they’re still great even in 2011. (Just as long as drugs keep making us hungry, of course.)

So, here are my Top 10 Food related TFLNs.  Feel free to disagree with me, but you can’t deny it: we’ve ALL been there, or wish we have been.

Top 10 Food Texts from Last Night

10. Straight to the point.

(Original Photo: Neil Conway)

9. Class or booze?

(Original Photo: Steampunk Family the von Hedwigs)

8. So…bread?

(Original Photo: frozenchipmunk)

7. Always make room for essentials.

(Original Photo: Nicola since 1972)

6. Prince Charming.

(Original Photo: Comic Book Movie)

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Attack of the Meme: Texts from Last Night Intersected with LOST

I may have found the memes to end all memes. The brilliant Tumblr, Text From The Fuselage, intersects the hilarious Texts from Last Night, a submission-based site featuring ridiculous text messages (about things like deep frying Cheese-Its and Vicodin) and highly passionate photos from LOST. Now while I’m still angry about the last season of LOST, I have to say, I don’t mind seeing pictures of a scruffy Jack, lusty Sawyer and wild-eyed Sayid.

Top 10 Food Texts Intersected with LOST

10. Beards

(Photo: Text From The Fuselage)

9. Distribution

(Photo: Text From The Fuselage)

8. Fridge

(Photo: Text From The Fuselage)

7. Questions

(Photo: Text From The Fuselage)

6. Coffee

(Photo: Text From The Fuselage)

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Attack of the Meme: A Food-Inspired Love Affair with the Golden Girls

There are four reasons as to why I’m late to work almost every day: Blanche, Rose, Dorothy and Sophia. To the dismay of my better half, these four ladies grace my television set more times than they ate cheesecake (and that’s a lot, by the way). We’re paying homage to the Golden Girls and their hysterical ways with food.

The Top 10 Golden Girls Food Moments

10. That’s Just Cruel

(Photo: Tara Marie)

9. Eggs Can Do That

(Photo: Tomorrow is Another Day)

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Attack of the Meme: Eating Arrested Development

The real meme here is the tumblr site Bob Loblaw’s Law Blog: Hipster Arrested Development, where dialogue from the show appears on these funky, arty photos that have nothing to do with the show. Instead of listing those (kinda lame/not funny) pics, here are some amazing quotes from the hysterical, cult show.

Top 10 Food and Drink Moments from Arrested Development

10. Breakfast of Champions, Runner Up

(Photo: Lizdexia)

9. Don’t Mess With Eggs

(Photo: Arrested Development GIFs )

8. Juice, Motherfucker

(Photo: The No Name Shoppe)

7. Damn It, Google

(Photo: Texts from The Bluth Company)

6. Breakfast vs. Family

(Photo: Meditation in an Emergency)

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All Attack of the Meme

Attack of the Meme: Keep Calm and Eat

During World War II the Brits came up with the slogan “Keep Calm and Carry On” to “raise the morale of the British public in the event of invasion,” according to Wikipedia. The propaganda posters never ended up being used, but have since spawned plenty of imitations: from the sweet to the naughty.

Of course, there’s been many “keep calm” posters created to show a love of food and booze. Because, who are we kidding, it’s super hard to keep calm when thinking about eating and drinking.

Top 10 Keep Calm and Eat Posters

10. A Much Overlooked Fruit Should Do the Trick.

(Photo: Sambulance)

9. Duh.

(Photo: It’s All About the Bacon)

8. An Almost-Trendy French Dessert Would Work.

(Photo: Juggernaut)

7. Can’t Keep Calm. Need To Scream.

(Photo: Whatever You Are, Be A Good One…)

6. Best Name of a Food. Ever.

(Photo: Agent M Loves Tacos)

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