Fourteen Hours

Wow. As you’re reading this I will be on a 14 -hour flight to Toyko. Holy poop balls.

Instead of printing our itineraries, properly rolling clothes and desperately seeking out sleeping pills, 80 and I watched Andrew Zimmerman’s fucked-up eating show, Bizarre Foods. His Japan episode, of course.

And my lord I’m terrified. I know the whole point of his show is to eat the craziest shit possible, but it still made me really nervous, yet excited, for the very new animals I will be eating. Or try to eat. Or try not to puke up.

This clip is particularly interesting. (And Osaka is one of our stops!) At the very end of this segment you’ll see Andrew eating raw horse. It’s actually raw horse mane: the strip of tissue horse hair is attached to. He calls it buttery.

So dudes. Wish me luck, as 80 and I fuck shit up on the other side of the world. Or at least take pictures that make us look like we’re cool.