A Famine of Fashion

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Editors Note: The Endless Simmer inbox is the recipient of mostly press releases, a lot of product offers and once in a while, something really funky.  I had absolutely no idea what an interactive fashion show dubbed Avante Garde Supperchic would be like, but I knew I needed someone to check it out. The early April event took place in San Francisco so I invited ES fan Mariah Carey to attend on our behalf. She convinced her friend, who we’ll call interWEBBz, to go with and write it up. Here’s her take on this trial of fashion and food.

“It’s a Famine of Fashion.  A FAMINE OF FASHION.”

I’ll be honest, there was no shortage of fashion or lack of food, but whenever there is an opportunity to paraphrase André Leon Talley, my fellow lover of all things cuisine and couture, I can exhibit no self-control.


When this San Franciscan thinks of San Francisco, three things instantly come to mind:

  1. An abundance of restaurants with delicious (albeit sometimes pretentious) food
  2. Fashion-forward designers and last but CERTAINLY not least
  3. The likelihood that you will be out-dressed (and all around out-done) by the gays

Sure, some who’ve never been here might be inclined to say the Golden Gate Bridge, Trolley Cars and Nancy Pelosi.  Other San Franciscans may say GoCars, Bay to Breakers or Mission Hipsters at Dolores Park on a sunny day. But the above three constant sources of inspirations in my life converged at the “Avant Garde Supperchic” interactive event at Supperclub.


I thought the bed in bars thing was over the second Carrie Bradshaw and her crew drank champagne while laying on sheets, but I guess not. Upon entering this fashion and food event, I was escorted to a roman-style bed by a woman with rhinestone nipple tassels (see first picture, left). My lord, I thought, the evening could only go up from there.

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