UPDATED—Endless Questions: Giada Talks Clinton, WillKat and Mike Isabella


UPDATED: Giada is right. Giada told Endless Simmer’s Russell Warnick that Top Chef Alum Mike Isabella planned to open a new restaurant in Georgetown. Simmer’s Stefanie Gans (gansie) called Isabella for confirmation. He denied it. Turns out, the scoop was meant for Washington Post’s dining critic Tom Sietsema and the restaurant is actually in the works.

Eater has the dramatic play-by-play of the restaurant announcement.

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This past weekend DC hosted the 6th annual Metropolitan Cooking and Entertaining Show, a collection of salsas, olive oils and oddly, British cashmere scarves. Not only is it an opportunity for small businesses to present their products to the masses, it’s also a chance for your favorite celebrity chefs to hawk a few books. Guy Fieri was presented to 2,500 military spouses by Dr. Jill Biden while Paula Deen pimped out her Caribbean cruise and Smithfield Ham. The envy of every straight guy out there, I got to speak with Giada De Laurentiis, and yes, she’s as hot in person as she is on TV, even with the cold she was suffering at the time.

Giada spoke of her time cooking for Prince William and Kate, what she’d cook for Bill Clinton and a little gossip about DC’s very own Mike Isabella…

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Bustin’ a Move With Jamaican Jerk Kale Chips

photo: Matthew Wexler

For me, in the battle of savory versus sweet, a bag of chips will trump a pint of ice cream any day. But a recent annual check-up revealed a cholesterol level inching toward the danger zone. While I like to think that I have a sophisticated palette, I’m not beyond polishing off an order of chicken wings during an episode of Dancing with the Stars. (It’s either that or jump out of my 3rd floor window in sheer sequined horror.)

So in an effort to kick off a healthy start to the holidays, I’ve been baking kale chips at home. Kale chips satisfy my savory cravings and are an incredible source of vitamins A, C and K—ack! Vitamin K? This underdog vitamin is important for blood-clotting and bone strength. Two important things for when I’m dancing around my apartment to the monotone musings of Brooke Burke.

Now, we’ve had our fair share of problems mastering kale chips here on ES, so please pay attention.

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Attack of the Meme: The Best of Parks and Recreation Food Banter

There’s not much in this life that can cure my end of summer blues. Brussels sprout season comes close. So does the chance to wear leggings and my gold-studded flats. But, really, it’s watching Leslie Knope promoting parks, recreation, feminism and pot brownies.

With Parks and Recs starting tonight, here’s the best of its food banter.

10. A Simple Man

(Photo: CraftyCake)

9. Tissues Are Out, Scones are In

(Photo: Nine Weasleys)

8. Biology 101

(Photo: Forehead)

7. The New Aphrodisiacs

(Photo: Broriarty)

6. Life Lessons

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Two Broke Girls With One Contradiction

I live in DC, where the people are nerdy and we still form lines at cupcake shops. We’re dorky. Okay. I admit it. But I also live among the smug and deceptively pretentious. I’ve been to Brooklyn, too. I’m familiar with stereotypes. Therefore, let me judge.

In the new CBS laugh-tracked comedy, 2 Broke Girls, a sarcastic bitchy brunette, “Max,” played by Kat Dennings, is poor and full of sass, living in the birthplace of hipsterville, Williamsburg, yet dreams of opening a cupcake store.

Max isn’t a hipster herself, as she easily mocks two wool-hat wearing scrawny boys, but she sure isn’t subscribing to Real Simple either. Heeding information solely from the inaugural episode, I concur that the too-cool Max should be too-cool for the tired cupcake hysteria, making 2 Broke Girls a new sitcom with an already faulty old-trend.

Fuck cupcakes.


(Photo: All Things Cupcake)


Top Chef Just Desserts Exit Interviews: Episodes 3 and 4

We’ve got TONS of TCJD content to round out this Friday, as we chat with the three latest chefs to hit the chopping block.

Last week, the chefs were given the challenge to create the ultimate table of dessert wonderment for Lisa Vanderpump  from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star. We chatted with the chef-testant who didn’t make the cut — plus heard from this week’s loser — after the jump.

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Top Chef Just Desserts Exit Interview: Episode 1

Top Chef Just Desserts is back, and the season-opening challenge was to translate a fairy tale into a showpiece. In this episode Team Hansel and Gretel missed the symbolic cue of the story and end up at the judges’ table. We find out what went wrong, after the jump.

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