Get Ready to Crumble!!!!


So in order to obtain my college degree, I had to study abroad for at least one summer. I chose going to Bordeaux cause, well—wine capital of the world, baby! I ended up staying for two years and had the privilege of meeting the Cavenders. They are the loveliest English family and some of the nicest people you can encounter; going to their house on the countryside for Sunday lunch became something of a ritual—I know, though life. All bragging aside, matriarch Gilly introduced me to the weirdest, tastiest dessert EVAR: Rhubarb Crumble.

I hadn’t even heard of rhubarb before, and when I learned it was a plant I became very skeptical. Oh my gaaaa! When I had it I couldn’t believe how spectacular my mouth felt. It was en explosion of taste and indescribable flavor! Was it sour? Was it sweet? is that a hint of tartness? it had a je ne sais quoi that made it SO scrumptious and Gilly was savvy enough to serve it with a spoonful of sour cream to neutralize it a bit.

Doctor, I have rhubarb fever! and Gilly, if you’re reading this,  thank you and I miss you.

If you want to get on the rhubarb bus, this is what you need to do.

(Also, check out Gilly’s blog where she posts more delicious recipes! Bonus: it’s also in French for those looking to polish their français! Right here! )

Rhubarb Crumble

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Sunday, Bloody Funday: Bloody Geisha

Look; if you see me on a Sunday afternoon, it is safe to assume that I’m drunk. Why? Because of this Bloody Geisha. This Sake Bloody Mary is the perfect drink to accompany your eggs benedict or any other brunch gems.

Let me just blow your mind by saying: bacon.bits.rim.  YES!- Why has this not been instituted elsewhere? I refuse to live in a world where bacon bit rims aren’t a part of daily life.  So if you need a twist to your Sunday brunch, follow my lead. Also, just in case you were wondering, those are blue cheese-stuffed olives and deep-fried jalapenos casually sitting next to BACON. Lets get jiggy.


 Bloody Geisha

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Cocktail O’Clock: Strawberry-Jalapeño Marg!


Just when I thought margaritas could not get any better, BOOM this appeared and it’s here to stay. If you haven’t had a strawberry-jalapeño margarita yet you must do so immediately. Let me tell you, as far as cocktails go, this one—named La Bamba—is a top-shelf MUST.

So refreshing, so dangerously delectable, AY AY AY! It makes me want to dance. Perfect drink for spring and the key behind getting business drunk. In fact, I love it so much I want it twenty four SEVEN and you will too!! Here’s the solution to all your problems:

To start: If one has jalapeño-infused tequila, do yourself a favor and muddle a fresh strawberry in Agave nectar.

* If one does not have jalapeño-infused tequila—NBD! Muddle a jalapeño slice (or more if you wish) with the strawberry in Agave nectar.

*Ice ice baby.

*Add 2 oz. of tequila (infused or not). Feel free to add more, nobody is judging you.

* Squeeze a lime-and-a-half worth of lime juice.

* Top off with lemon-lime soda (Sprite works)

* Shake shake shake.

* Pour into a cold pint glass prepped with a lime, sugar and salt rim.

* If you want to get fancy, garnish with a lime wheel and a strawberry.

* Cheers mate!

Find more creative cocktail ideas in Endless Cocktails.


Non-Crappy Museum Food: It Exists!


This pretty much sums up the way I feel about Ceviche:

Knock Knock

– “Who’s there?”

– “Ceviche

– “WHY are you still wearing pants?!”

I did a lot of ES reading before I gathered up the courage to confess my love to it, and my mild obsession lead me to learn that a couple of ES peeps reside in DC and I’m guessing a good amount of readers too. It just so happens that in an attempt to find employment as a recent graduate, I went to DC a few weeks back in a quest for a job. However, what I found was even better; one hell of a ceviche.

A friend encouraged me to go to the National Museum of the American Indian, both for the rad exhibits and the food and OH LORD am I glad I went! The collections were impressive but I’m not going to lie—I spent the majority of the time drooling over the food at the cafeteria (does that make me a terrible person?)

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The Endless Road Trip: Colombia–It’s More Than Just Coffee!!

Editor’s Note: Colombian-born, Oklahoma-educated, lover of avocados…sounds like an ES-er! Please welcome our newest contributor, Cyborg.

I know, I know, you’re probably thinking: “There’s more to Colombia than coffee (and drugs and violence)—say whaaa?” to which I say “Damn the media AHH!!” but there is. From a Colombian foodie to you, let me open your mind to a new world of opportunities and deep-fried dreams.

First of all, let me get this off my chest and I’m sorry for what I’m about to do but the world needs to know: America has robbed its people of avocado greatness. Last time I was in Colombia I decided to take photographic proof of what the real deal is so voilà. Buenos dias, avocado the size of my face!


OK, now that I’ve set the record straight, let’s get serious. Here are four can’t-miss Colombia foods.

1. Arepa Rellena


Where do I even start?  Imagine a corn patty that you stuff with eggs, cheese, shredded beef, and/or chicken and pretty much anything your heart desires; and then you deep fry it in heavenly oil. The result? Oh Em Gee you wanna call this place your new home. Not convinced? Spread some suero costeno on that puppy and it’s a first class ticket to foodtopia. Suero costeno is the Colombian version of sour cream but it tastes more like cream cheese, which gives it that perfect amount of slight acidity that makes you go NOM!

2. Plantain Platters


Now, on to some serious food for thought. What in the world is better than fried chorizo, spicy guac, thick bacon and meaty chicharrones??? ALL of the above served on a dish made of deep fried plantain is the correct answer!! Yes, this happens and it’s glorious!!!!!

Also, note the bean dip and hot sauce dip on the side cause–duh, who doesn’t wanna dip all of this stuff in hot sauce and beans? Man, if this doesn’t make you wanna book a ticket right meow, I know what will, and the answer is: Ajiaco.

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