Gas Tax

Think of the latest craze in food and what comes to mind? Food trucks are a safe bet. The suddenly ubiquitous downtown lunch option has created such a new market that here in D.C. the Park Police have even had to step in. Now don’t get me wrong, I am all for food trucks. They’re mobile, diverse and force people to take a break from minesweeper and get some well needed vitamin D. On the other hand, I’ve seen people wait in 20-30 person lines for a slice. It’s almost too much, too trendy even.

Enter the gas station.

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Fishing for a Good Title

Just a taste of what was available at the Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo.  Gansie and I actually missed a lot of the good stuff, as they were shutting down when we arrived at 10:30 am.  Gansie blamed us for being late, but they don’t let tourists in for the good stuff anymore until after 9 am…so I blame other annoying tourists.  After the market, we ate at one of Tokyo’s hard to find, yes, hard to find sushi joints.  Best sushi (fine, nagiri) ever.  No pics of that however, sorry.

Asia Trip and Wedding 1 (500 x 332)

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Artsy Photo of the Day

No cheating

nice cans.

Anyone able to guess what beer that is? Might be a tough one…

Artsy Photo of the Day

Homemade Pizza Co. 1 (500 x 332)

It’s not delivery, it’s Di…same basic thing as DiGiorno, just fresher and more expensive.

Artsy Photo of the Day

Dupont Farmer's Market 2010 8 (500 x 332)

Eatin’ good ain’t cheap.

(Photo courtesy of someone named Gansie)

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