Friday Fuck Ups: The Quiche That Wasn’t


ed. note — please give a big ES welcome to our newest contributor, Allyson, who graces us this week with her finest fuck-up.  Although I must say, I actually want to eat this one, unlike some other FFUs of the past. (I’m looking at you, fried guac balls.)

My husband and I are moving this weekend, so our cooking goals for the week involved shopping as little as possible and using up everything that’s slightly old but still edible. We’re going to keep the things we’ve bought in bulk, but we just don’t want to transport our entire kitchen so we’ve been focusing on working with what we have in order to reduce both the amount of stuff we have to move, and potential waste when we have to throw things away.

On Sunday night, I decided to do something to get rid of the frozen pie crust that had been sitting in our fridge for longer than we could remember. Rather than attempt a pie (I have a bad track record with baked desserts), I decided to try a quiche. Nevermind that I had only made one quiche in my entire life and had long-since lost the recipe. Nevermind that the only cheese we had on hand was sliced pepperjack. I could do it.

Or could I…

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