Fine, we are snobs. We don’t condone cheating. Cheating is basically cooking like Sandra Lee, using mostly store bought ingredients, like seasoning packets, bottled marinades and chemical “lime juice.” Not that we preach organics (although local is key) nor do we expect that the mayo in your dip is made from scratch. We do appreciate, if not demand, however, an attempt to create as much as possible in a dish.

Feel free to share your readymade hatreds or embarrasing short-cuts

Major Offenders:
Instant Rice
French Onion Dip Mix
Can of Cream of Mushroom Soup
Pre-made Marinades
Spice blend packets
Sandra Lee
Pie Crust, but only if you boast – this pie is homemade
Kraft Singles

You won’t be kicked off the Blog:
Marinara Sauce
Chicken Stock/Broth