Straight Outta the Exchange: New Belgium Citradelic

Somehow, I’m still finishing up my beer exchange beers. This brew is not your typical winter beer. Which is timely, since last week’s weather was so mild. New Belgium’s Citradelic has a unique sweetness to it without losing the bitter hop flavors throughout. This brew is good for any season – pick up a six pack and try it out!

Tasting Notes

AppearanceTransparent gold with white head

Aroma: Strong citrus scent with just as mucn strong hops

Mouthfeel: Crisp and refreshing mouthfeel. Bitter, hoppy aftertaste

Taste: SWEET IPA. Sweet citrus – tangerine as promised. Hop profile is just enough to be an IPA.

Overall: A great day drinking summer beer. It isn’t so hoppy that all you taste is bitter hops. Nice sweetness to it and the flavors of tangerine are definitely there. My own tastes could use a bit more hoppiness to it, but still a great brew.

Endless Pairings

Cheese: Havarti with honey and almonds

Appetizer: French Onion Soup

Entree: Bacon cheeseburger with side of sweet potato fries

Dessert: Banana Cheesecake

Cigar: Perdomo Craft Series Amber

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