Top Ten Beers to End Your Summer

Summer is coming to an end. Teachers and students must return to the dreaded school year, people start to give up on visiting the beach/lake/river, and discussions center around when the pool will close. Sad face. With all this doom and gloom, the only way to try to squeak out the last few bits of summer are of course through alcohol. We took a look at the ten best beers to remind of the summer. Enjoy.


10. Victory Summer Love

Summer love lends a refreshing, crisp taste to a beer without losing the actual flavor of beer. For me, shandies may tend to be too sweet. The ABV is low enough to day drink without compromising taste.



9. Coppertail Unholy

Based out of Tampa, Coppertail brewed an American Trippel that sticks to the traditional style of a trippel with tasty hops throughout. This is a drink to have on the porch in the evening as the day cools down and you realize the summer is ending. The high ABV makes this a great summer night cap.


8. Dogfish Head Namaste

Namaste is one of my go-to summer beers. It’s a low ABV plus a very refreshing beer with strong taste of summer (orange, lemongrass). PLUS, it can be mixed with another beer on our list. Delish.


7. Ballast Point Pineapple Sculpin

Ballast Point Sculpin has been a tradition in our summer beer exchange for a few years now. But once they starting coming out with additional flavors of the Sculpin, we couldn’t help but try out the others. Pineapple is my favorite, and it sticks to the theme of summer. Pineapple juice flavor is strong, yet you still think you’re drinking beer.




6. Founders All Day IPA

My favorite day drinking beer. “All day” is not to be taken lightly. You can drink this brew all day…with all the hoppy delights of an IPA.


5. Ommegang Fleur De Houblon

Ommegang’s house made yeast always adds a unique flavor to the beer. To this summer brew, the yeast adds a spicy undertone to a hoppy belgian flavor.


4. Flying Dog Raging Bitch

I mean…the name speaks for itself. One of our favorites from Flying Dog – try it out.


3. Dogfish Head Festina Peche

Yes, we have two Dogfish Head brews on the list. First, because they are both very refreshing and tasty choices for the summer. Second, because it goes very well served in equal parts with Namaste. It’s a Namastina and worth your while. You’re welcome.


2. Stiegl Radler

Radler’s offer the flavor of a sweet soda and beer. Some Radler labels will even call it a soda-beer. The Stiegl Radler is known as one of the best. With Grapefruit flavor, it will also quench your thirst on a nice summer day.


1. Tree House Brewing Co. Julius

Tree House Brewing is a small brewery in New England that brews arguably the best IPA offered. The Julius gives all wanted in a summer IPA – orange color, refreshing malt flavor, and the in your face hop bitterness desired in an IPA.

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