Endless Ice Cream: Black Forest Cherry

Palm Beach Marriott Singer Island Beach Resort and Spa - Black Forest Ice Cream

Cherries? Check. Chocolate? Check. Booze? Check. Pastry Chef Brittani Szczecina of the Palm Beach Marriott Singer Island Beach Resort & Spa shares this can’t fail recipe for a perfect summertime ice cream.

Black Forest Chocolate-Cherry Ice Cream 

Yield 3 QTS


2QT heavy cream

12oz egg yolks

1# 4oz sugar

Pinch salt

1 cup Kirsch Liquor

½ cup Amarena cherries

½ cup raspberry jam

1 cup chocolate shavings



1.      Bring half sugar, kirsch liquor and heavy cream to a boil

2.      Temper the other half of sugar and yolks into the hot liquid

3.      Cook to 178 degrees, strain and cool

4.      Pour cooled mix into an ice cream machine and churn until semi thick, but still pourable

5.      Swirl in the raspberry jam, cherries and chocolate shavings by hand

6.      Portion into desired containers and let sit in freezer overnight

7.      Scoop, garnish with extra cherries and shavings and enjoy!


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