Top 10 Foods to Go

Whether you have a 30+ minute commute to and from work, like to hike, take the train to work every day, or you are just always on the run, sometimes your travel mug of coffee just isn’t enough. In my travels to and from work, I’ve learned how to eat yogurt on the go and even cereal from a travel mug. But I also end up arriving to work with yogurt on my favorite tie or a splash of milk in my crotch. Whether it’s the risk of mess that keeps you from enjoying our food/drinks on the go, or lack of variety, here are our top ten food (and drinks) to go. While I won’t say the dirty “c word” just yet, these would all make great gifts as well.



10. Chocomize

BUILD YOUR OWN chocolate bars! Take pride in the high calorie and sugar that you are chomping on by knowing it’s been created by you. Chocomize allows you to pick between a bar and a heart, the kind of chocolate it is made of, and then add toppings a la carte or pick one of their pre-designed bars.

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9. Perky Jerky

Jerky that is not only all natural and gluten free (trying to figure out how it wouldn’t be gluten free – do they add gluten to others?), but also infused with CAFFEINE! Not straight up coffee, but with a plant called Guarana that produces a fruit similar to a coffee bean and acts as a stimulant. Not only are you getting a jolt of protein, but also a jolt of energy. Yum.


8. Siracha Popcorn

A friend of ours brought over a mini Tupperware full of Siracha and a bag of kettle corn when we last watched American Horror Story. Fiance and I thought, “hmmm, that’s weird.” Turns out that apparently is not. You pick – Siracha in a small container, or already mixed with some tasty popcorn.


7. UNREAL Candy

If you don’t feel like overindulging on high calorie chocolates, try a natural alternative to candy. While they may hate me for saying “alternative to candy,” unreal offers a naturally made candy that still offers the same flavors of favorites like peanut butter cups and m&ms.


6. Evil Hot Gummy Bears

Who knew a gummy bear could look so damn evil? Sweet and spicy is taken to a new level with these chewy treats.


5. Edoughble Cookie Dough

Remember back in the day when mom gave you the spoon after mixing up her homemade cookies? And then there was the little turd of a friend that said “you can’t eat that – there’s egg in it” in his weasel voice. Well I’m still alive. But apparently after the massive recall of slice and bake cookies, some things have changed. Edoughble makes raw cookie dough balls to be eaten raw.


4. Raaka Bourbon Chocolate Bars

Yes…I’m still saving a few small pieces of mine that I received from last Christmas. Good with scotch, beer, or alone and on the road. OR on a hike and you need a boost AND a sweet reminder of what the booze will taste like at the end of your hike.

3.  You Bar

For those of you watching your girlish figure like me, we have a fun way of creating a protein bar that might just taste a little better. And if not – it’s your own fault anyway since you created it. You Bar allows you to pick from a variety of their own pre-made bars, or you can create your own. The process is even more complicated than creating your own chocolate bar. You will pick a base, protein powder, sweeteners, nuts, fruits, etc. An interesting concept if you’re into the protein bar routine.


2. Siracha2Go

Apparently our friend doesn’t really need that mini Tupperware container. I know of many people that would use this often and refill even more often. Just make sure you don’t get any siracha on your pants.


1. Handpresso

We just registered for our wedding and I’m trying to figure out how to put this on the list. All you need to do is pack the espresso, add some hot water, pump, and press. AWESOME. The device is pressurized and will give you a tasty shot of espresso without the wait in a Starbucks line.


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